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About Us

Rubern Lodge is a Family owned property that has been built up from many generations, with many interesting historical stories behind all of its beautiful charm


Rubern Lodge and Equestrian Center Air B'n'B


Ruberns Air Bnb gives Chinchilla a sweet taste of the elegant country-side feel right in the heart of town. Classy rooms with a warm comforting feel make it easy to relax, the lodge over looking picture perfect lawn with sites of the Equestrian Arena and tremendous outback views.

Built from an old Church making this building uniquely special with its holy charm.

Bernies Park is an interesting walk through as you find many old tractors and machinary used many many years ago, giving the museum type feel this family owned and created space is one close to our hearts.

Shelley, the park owner and manager is the equestrian teacher, who is always out working around Rubern from teaching to maintaining this amazing location for all to enjoy.

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